About VIP Nurse

woman healing and relaxing with the help of VIP Nurse

Relax. Recover. Heal.

We help you or your loved one have a stress-free and successful after surgery transition.

VIP Nurse is a highly-selective, by-appointment-only, private duty, private pay nursing service in the Seattle, Washington area. VIP Nurse specializes in skilled nursing and personal caregiver services for patients recovering from surgical procedures in the comfort and privacy of their own home, hotel suite, or a luxury Airbnb. VIP’s nursing staff is a group of carefully selected, licensed, and compassionate nurses who have the extensive experience and skills needed to help your healing journey be as comfortable and pain free as possible.

VIP’s clientele are patients seeking highly discreet, concierge-level, professional nursing care after elective surgery. We target our services to the top 3% of the plastic surgery consumer market in the Seattle area. We are set up to provide our high level of services to those who are discriminating and who invest considerable time to research their surgeon and procedure(s). VIP Nurse works almost exclusively with those who are referred to us by friends, family, or by their surgeon. If you qualify for VIP Nurse, you will quickly understand how our ‘white-glove’ customized services will allow you to more easily recover, relax and resume your day-to-day activities.

Additional Services

In addition to our personal caregiver services for patients recovering from surgical procedures, VIP Nurse also offers additional clinical and consulting services upon request:


Molly Walker

Molly Walker is a certified critical care registered nurse (RN) who is licensed in Washington and Idaho. With a decade of experience in the critical care unit, Molly gained expertise in the areas of postoperative care after cardiac/thoracic, orthopedic, plastic and trauma surgeries. She holds multiple certifications in critical care nursing, advanced cardiac life support and basic life support.  Molly earned her Bachelor of Science and Registered Nursing at the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Having established hundreds of patient care relationships, Molly has the essential qualities that all exceptional nurses must possess to positively impact their patients with desired outcomes and a successful recovery. 

The combination of Molly’s entrepreneurial talent, her desire to provide exceptional patient care, and her motivation to create a high-integrity work culture for exceptionally talented nurses dedicated to compassionate patient care, inspired Molly to create The VIP Nurse, LLC, a high-end, concierge-level nursing organization.

Get the post-operative care you deserve.