Questions? We have answers.

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions. Please let us know if you have more questions.

No, at this time VIP Nurse is accepting private payment only.

Yes, after VIP has approved your application, received your deposit, and entered your procedure details in its schedule, VIP will contact your surgeon’s office and create a detailed coordinated post-operative care plan based on your surgeon’s orders and your wishes. Additionally, your VIP Nurse will receive a post-operative report immediately following your surgery and prior to our transporting you to your post-surgery recovery location.

All of VIP’s nursing staff have received COVID vaccinations. VIP Nurses are all experienced and licensed RNs, LPNs and CNAs who diligently use hand hygiene, masks, and gloves when in contact with bodily fluids to protect you and themselves.

Yes, when your application is accepted, you will be contacted to schedule an initial consultation meeting. In that consultation, we will assess our mutual ‘fit’, review your medical and surgical history, review the VIP Nurse recovery process from the time you are released post-surgery until the departure of your private-care nurse, and address any questions or concerns you may have. 

Yes, we take exceptional care to keep your personal and private health information safely protected, in compliance with all HIPAA regulations and using our industry-leading high-level security protections. From our secure website, which protects the information you provide in our application, to our data storage, we encrypt all of your information. Furthermore, our nursing staff are selected for their utmost discretion in addition to their excellent track record of exceptional nursing skills and achievements.